Pillow Selection Guide

Pillow Buying Guide
Choose pillow from appearance
1. Whether the filling of the pillow is full; if the pillow is loose and can not support the neck, long-term use will cause back pain, and even cervical spondylosis in severe cases.

2. Pillow fabric: The pillow fabric should be breathable. If the pillow fabric is too dense and cannot achieve the effect of breathability for a long time, the head oil and face oil will be greasy and easy to cause acne, acne, etc. Skin problems.

3. Whether the filling is soft and comfortable; a good pillow filling must be soft and comfortable. If the filling touches your hands, it will squeeze into pieces over a long period of time, losing support and easily causing cervical spine problems.

Pillow height selection
Modern medical research shows that when a person sleeps on his back, the height of the pillow is best controlled at the height of the vertical fist. When sleeping on the side, the height of the pillow is best to be 1.5 times the height of the vertical fist.

When the pillow is too high, it will increase the angle between the neck and the chest, blocking the airway, easily causing problems such as dry and itchy throat, sore throat or snoring. It is also one of the common causes of stiff neck and cervical spondylosis.

When the pillow is too low, the neck will be sore for a long time. What's more, the physiological curvature of the cervical spine may become straight or reverse arch. In addition, due to gravity, the cerebral venous return will slow down and the arterial blood supply will increase relatively. Head swelling, irritability, insomnia and many other discomforts occur, especially for patients with high blood pressure, it is even more inappropriate to use a low pillow.

Choice of pillow width
The width of the pillow is best controlled at 1.25 times the width of the shoulders. This width does not need to move the pillow when turning over. You can easily change the sleeping posture at will, which is more comfortable.

Choice of pillow hardness
The hardness of the pillow is also very important. If the pillow is too hard, the area in contact with the head will decrease and the pressure will increase, and the part of the human body in contact with the pillow will feel uncomfortable. The pillow is too soft, it is easy to cover the nose when sleeping on the side, which is not conducive to breathing.

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