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透氣性在睡眠質量中扮演著關鍵的角色 。良好的透氣性可以幫助調節身體在睡眠過程中的溫度變化。透氣度高的枕頭避免過熱的體溫,有利於睡眠,提高舒適度,同時,可以快速排出身體散發的水汽和濕氣。避免在睡眠中出現潮濕不適感,減少細菌滋生的風險。  選擇一個良好透氣性的枕頭,不僅能讓我們享受更...

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Pillow Selection Guide

Choose pillow from appearance1. Whether the filling of the pillow is full; if the pillow is loose and can not support the neck, long-term use will ...

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Correct Sleep Style

IDEAL SLEEPING POSTURES In the ideal sleeping posture, the following points are critical to good ERGONOMICS: Supporting the Spine One of the majo...

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